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FOOD SERVICE ACCOUNT REFUNDS: Refunds may be requested if your child is a graduating senior or no longer attending CASD. If your child is remaining in CASD, their food service account balance will follow them to any school within the District. Those wishing to request a refund from your child's food service account may do so by printing the form in the link below and submitting it to your child's school, or the central Food Service Office, at:

Food Service Department
3030 CG Zinn Road
Thorndale, PA  19372

FAX: (610)383-6279

Food Service Refund Application


ALLERGY INFORMATION: For children who are either milk intolerant, have special dietary needs or has a disability/special dietary need.

The following Medical Plan of Care for School Food Service for Students with Disabilities and Non-Disability Special Dietary Needs must be filled out yearly and completed by your child's physician.

 Medical Plan of Care

This regulation is the final rule on Fluid Milk Substitution in School Nutrition Programs (73FR52903, September 12, 2008).

If your child has a disability, this should be clearly indicated on the Medical Statement.

If your child has a non-disability milk intolerance, please complete Part 2 of the form. Lactose free milk will be available as an acceptable substitute. The new ruling does not allow a substitute of juice or water if it is a non-disability special dietary need.



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